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Sustainable Square, an advisory firm helps organisations to establish ethical protocols. We redesigned an extensive reporting process from emails and spreadsheet to a built-in reporting and analysis platform. We successfully solved complex problems from calculating carbon emissions on air tickets to factoring purchase power parity to inflation in reports.

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We craft custom-made furniture and offer a range of furniture services. Our experience and training allow us to create high-quality furniture that is both fun and functional. We specialize in custom-made furniture, and we can help you realize your vision for the perfect office, home office, bedroom, or kitchen.

Furniture and accessories are an essential part of your home, but with so many different choices, it can be hard to know what to buy and where to start.

Our experiences

Where do you start when you want to furnish your home? If you want to be a stylish, charming, and comfortable host, start your search with these articles about where to buy furniture in the UK.

  • Tried and tested furniture tips for improving your indoor design.
  • We offer a wide range of high quality furniture and accessories for your home and garden.
  • This furniture guide covers everything you need to know about chairs, tables, benches, and more.


The versatility of chairs, tables, and furniture is amazing. You can use almost anything to make a comfortable seating option. There's a lot more to furniture than meets the eye. These guides will help you choose the right style, size, and material for your home.

The platform developed by Commutatus already has 180,000 education programs checked in within the first three months. The team's workflow is very effective and always make great suggestions.Their agile Scrum process and efficient communication make projects easy.

Sam Kennedy

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CEO, Sustainable square
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