Conference Management System for over 30,000 concurrent participants

[.flex-rich-text][.project-box-orange][.c-mb-8]Recommendation[.c-mb-8] Designed a multi-tenant, auto-scaling platform supporting real-time chat with a grid-based UI system that allows unique landing pages for each conference configurable on an admin panel.[.project-box-orange][.project-box-green][.c-mb-8]Result[.c-mb-8] Ability to manage events for multiple clients from the same system, was multi-tenant which made it comfortable for enterprise clients. Brought down the time to set up an event from a few days to 30 minutes. Required zero IT monitoring and was deployed to Heroku.[.project-box-green][.flex-rich-text]


Proposed a plan to move their website from Magento to a custom build which was linked to their custom-built ERP backend[.box-orange]

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