CTO as a Service

7 organisations

You can think of us as an extended member of your strategic team, available to provide inputs, resolve problems and comment from our experience on the best way to do things.

We’ll advise on what processes and initiatives can be run within the organisation to make the team more technologically enabled and able to leverage the latest tools to achieve more in less time.

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How we do it

Digital Dilemma Resolution

Provide solutions for any long-standing digital challenges that have been causing frustration

Advisor on call

Leverage our years of experience and expertise in building over 30+ platforms. Don’t reinvent the wheel, we’ll help you avoid all the pitfalls and give you the cheat codes to scaling your platform and tech team

Tech Spend Optimization

We’ll conduct a comprehensive audit of your application's infrastructure to help you understand your tech stack

Tech Spend Optimization

We’ll assess your technology budget and offer optimisation strategies

Vendor Partnership Review

We’ll evaluate collaboration with your current vendors and offer key recommendations to ensure your project's success

Strategic Planning for Execution

Design high-level strategies and break them down for successful execution by your tech team

Product Innovation Guidance

We’ll help you scope out an MVP, that’s not only easy to build, but also cost-effective and will actually get you insights you were experimenting for!

Let’s build something awesome, together!