20 dashboards

Whether you're looking to build Data Analytics dashboards or you want to leverage Machine Learning to make your processes smarter and faster, we have you covered for all things data.

We work with clients across a range of industries so we are familiar with the fundamentals of several business use cases. This helps us deliver products that will finally put to use all that data you've been storing!

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How we do it

Brainstorm Business Metrics

We'll collaborate with you and come up with the data metrics that need to be tracked for your business to give you the most meaningful analytics that can be acted upon instantly.

Live Event Tracking

We help you capture and track live user behavior on your platform with the help of a custom made Data Tracking plan.

A data tracking plan is a strategy that will help clarify and standardize what live events need to be tracked and the tracking methods they'll use. We'll set up dashboards on tools like Amplitude or Google Analytics so you can check the conversion rate, bounce rate and other such metrics on your platform.

Data Engineering

Our data professionals will deep dive into your database, clean up the database if necessary, and engineer the data according to the business metrics making it ready for visualization.

Data Visualization

We will deliver charts and dashboards based on the business metrics discussed so you can analyze how your platform is doing and convert numbers into actionable insights.

Share these dashboards with your teammates or investors on a subscription basis and you will never have to manually create repetitive reports using complex formulae again!

Data Science

Looking to add a “Recommended for You” section in your website to create personalized user experiences? We can build that out for you with ease! With the help of the data services offered by AWS, we’ll develop end to end Machine Learning solutions that will give your business the edge it needs to be part of the AI revolution.

We're constantly creating pages for the projects we work on. Meanwhile, check out our blog!

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